List of the subjects on the field of health care 

  1. 5510100-“Treatment work” (field of surgical scienses) surgery, tramatology and neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology,urology, anesthesiology and intensive care,otorhinolarygology, subjects of eye disiases.
  1. 5510100-“Treatment work” (field of therapeutic  scienses) therapy, phormocology,neurological disiases, TB disiases, skin and venereal disiases, infections disiases, folk medicine, physiotherapy,diagnosis of radiation and radiation therapy , psychiatry, alergology, Endocrinalogy.
  1. 5510100-Medical biology scienses  Pathological anatomy, normal phisology, foresic meditcine, biorganic and biological chemstry biophysics and informatics, Pothophysics, human anatomy and OJTA, pharmakology, gistology, biologiya and  medical genetics
  1. 5510200-Pediatrics work: pediatrics, children surgery, children diseases propacdeutics, neontology
  1. 5510300-Medical prevention work: microbiology, organing public health and health care, Epidemiology and hygiene.
  1. 5510400-Stomotology: surgecal stomotology, therapitic stomotology, orthopedic  stomotology, childrens  stomotology
  1. 5510500-Pharmacy
  1. 5510700-Higher nursing work
  1. 5510800-Military medicine

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