M.R.Nuritdinov (1976-1978)

He was the first dean and founder of the faculty of retraining faculty. The first lesson was begun on the 5th of May in 1976 on 13 specialties (the order of the Health Ministry in 22.03.76 by №179 Annually 200 listeners (from Uzbekistan – 100, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan – 100). The dean’s office headed the University of Young Pedagogues; the dean of the faculty was considered a rector of this university. The bases were: Tashkent State Medical Institute, medical college named after P.F.Borovsky and Yu.Akhunbabayev.



 During that period the teachers of medical secondary education from the Republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan had been studied together with the teacher of the Republic of Uzbekistan. So the administration of the Institute paid much attention to creation of relevant conditions for residence and cultural programs of the listeners. For conducting the lessons on qualified time of level was improved materially –technical base of the departments, there have been invited leading specialists on pedagogies and psychology from other Higher educational Institutes (HEI).And it was also improved the work of the University of young pedagogue, lessons were continued for 2 years and including pedagogic, psychology, ethics, aesthetics, oratorical art and other disciplines. At the end of the University the listeners were given a diploma .This process was firstly organized in our Institute and it became interesting, further this process was implemented in other medical institutes of our Republic.


N.Kh.Shomirzayev (1982 – 1985 )

The dean’s office continued the organizing and conducting the lessons on 13 directions by specialties. Except this there have been created the cycles of increasing the qualification of the leader staff of the secondary- special medical institutes  (director, vice- directors of medical colleges ,head of the departments and chairs of TSMI and medical secondary educations named after Yu.Akhunbabayev and P.F.Borovsky The listeners had been in leading clinics and centers. For delivering the lectures there have been invited great scientists from medical institutions of Tashkent city and other higher educational institutions. The number of listeners made up 200:100 – Uzbekistan and 100 – from Central Asia and Kazakhstan. N.Kh.Shomirzayev was also a rector of the young teachers of University.


Yu.A.Kulikov( 1985 – 1996)

 The main directions of this period:The lessons were organized and conducted for the listeners of retaining course and the teachers of medical colleges from Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The number of the listeners was 200.At retaining course, the organizing of retaining courses for the teachers of TSMI to medical institutions of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (annually 200 listeners).

  1. Medical cybernetics and biophysics by accounting techniques courses were organized and 570 staffs were taught. On mastering of the bases of accounting techniques 516 staffs were sent for Russian Higher Educational Institutes (1985-1987).
  2. He participated actively in organization of retraining faculty for the teachers’ staff of higher medical institutions of Uzbekistan. The faculty was founded on the base of 1st – TSMI.(by the order of the Health ministry of RUz in 28.04.94,№193).The main bases were 1st – TSMI .( in 10 specialties).In the 2nd TSMI (on 14 specialties). The number of listeners was about 500- 600.
  3. It was founded the department of pedagogics (1994).
  4. The teachers’ staff of the institute was taught also in testing control in teaching process of the students.
  5. He lead the young pedagogues University (till 1989).


B.A.Magrupov (1997- 2003)

It was continued the teaching on the base of initial confirmed plan for listeners until 1997.That year was organized the retraining center for the teachers of higher and secondary medical institutions. The faculty was exchanged into Center so the contracts were concluded between higher and secondary educational institutions, it was established the regulation about testing control  for the listeners , it confirmed and implemented into  the activities of a Center. Some changes were included into educational plan, from 40% to 50%- educational – methodical works of the chair ,22% -introduction, 5% – pedagogics and psychology, from 33% to 35% spiritual works for information technology. The agreement about exchange of listeners was covenanted between Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.Sechenev and Kazakhiztan State University named after Asfendiyaron on the bases of without currency.


Teaching the professor- teacher staff of medical institutes and the teachers of secondary medical         institutions had been continuing since 1976 on mastering   at in- service Centre of   Tashkent Medical Academy. Firstly the training courses were held on the bases of Tashkent State medical Institute for the teacher of secondary medical institutions as in-service faculty. In 1994retraining courses was organized for the teachers of higher medical institutions at this faculty. In 1997 according to the order of the Ministry of Health Care of the RUz by № 302, 27.05.97.was created retaining Centre for the professor- teachers staff of higher and secondary medical institutions.(RC).The professor – teachers staff of higher medical institutions and medical colleges were taught at the RC. The teaching processes were held on the bases of pedagogical technologies and educational methods



 S.R.Baymakov began his activity as a director of new organized ‘’branch Centre of retraining and in- service of pedagogical cadres’’  since 2012.During this period he contributed greatly to the enriching the economical – technical bases, creating the scientific, educational – methodical aids and to the development of spiritual works very much. During these years were organized the new directions at this Centre,educational plans and programs were renewed ,by all  modules 20 teaching – methodical complexes were developed,the site of the Centre was set up,3 multimedia room,3 comfortable computer rooms were created for the listener of this Center.S.R.Baymakov graduated successfully the of state managing faculty of State management Academy      of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2013.S.R.Baymakov has been working as a pro rector by working on academic lyceums and medical colleges of Tashkent Medical Academy since December, 2013. He organized 7 medical conferences and 2 scientific conferences on the occasion of collaborative problems between medical colleges and higher educational institutions. He is considered active   prorector by working with academic lyceums and colleges of medical educational institutions

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